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Sensei Product Update - September 2020

Learn all about the latest updates to Sensei.

Hi everyone!

With September wrapped up, we wanted to take the opportunity to go over the most exciting updates we delivered for Sensei during September. You can also jump straight into trying Sensei for yourself by installing it directly from the JetBrains Marketplace


We wanted to support the ability to add custom metadata, which you can use to categorize and group recipes. We۪'ve now added the ability to add tags onto recipes. 

We've heard from customers that they want to see metrics about how recipes are used, without necessarily revealing too much about the recipes in the metrics. Tags are one step towards that goal, giving teams relevant metrics to drive their quality programs. 

Variable browser

When you are creating a recipe, it's very useful to understand how the elements of the code you're matching are structured, and thus help search against it. To this end, we've added our variable browser into the recipe editor in more places. The variables shown are relative to the selected target. This helps you understand your code and craft a good recipe with less effort.

Cookbook manager update

We've moved the cookbook manager into a panel within the IDE, rather than rely on popping up a new window. This makes the experience of managing cookbooks a much simpler and smoother experience. Instead of having to open up the window, you can simply expand it directly from your sidebar!

Try out Sensei now! 

Sensei is available, for free, on the JetBrains Marketplace. We are actively developing and improving it and look forward to learning how you incorporate it into your development process.