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Sensei Product Update - March 2021

Discover the latest improvements to the user experience of Sensei, Secure Code Warrior's IntelliJ plugin and start writing quality code even faster.

It’s already over two months into 2021 and along with it come some big improvements to the user experience of Sensei, Secure Code Warrior’s IntelliJ plugin. Let's dive right in and take a look at the exciting new things delivered in the latest releases.

Registering to install Sensei is no longer required

In previous versions of Sensei, it was a requirement to authenticate it with a Secure Code Warrior account. Now you can use Sensei without signing in at all. Just install it, and you’re good to go.

Get started even faster with the new quickstart guide

Not only do you no longer need to authenticate when you install Sensei, but now you can get started writing secure code even faster with the improved onboarding experience. 

The new quickstart guide will present you with a scratch file containing code for which Sensei offers a quick fix. This demonstrates how to find and apply quick fixes from the get-go.

Jump right in and get into the flow of writing code even faster.

Easily find cookbooks

We’ve made it easier to find cookbooks for you to utilize. When you add a cookbook, we now also give you options to use one of our suggested cookbooks. You can also visit our Cookbook Index on GitHub, where you can find even more cookbooks to get you started. To make use of them, simply copy the link provided on the page, and use that as the URL when you add a new cookbook as per normal.

Recipes loaded automatically in project

It’s now easier than ever to load recipes to a project. As of our latest release, we’ll automatically look for recipes in a .sensei folder at the root of the project. If we find it, they will be loaded. How easy is that?

Better Java syntax coverage

We’ve expanded the coverage for more keywords in our Java model, enabling you to better target the exactcode you wantin your recipes. We’ve added support for the following keywords:

  • assert
  • finally
  • switch

Improved number comparisons

We’ve added the ability to do relative comparisons against Integer values. You can now construct a recipe that searches for literals, as an example, where the value is between 1 and 10:

      greaterThan: 0
      lessThan: 11

Support for IntelliJ 2021.1 EAP

We have added support for the IntelliJ 2021.1 EAP Build 1. You should not run into any issues when running 2021.1.1 on this build. While we continue to track the latest EAP builds of IntelliJ and do our best to ensure that we’re supporting the latest builds, keep in mind that you may still run into issues.

Further improvements

Along with the above, we’ve also improved the following: 

  • Improved error reporting
  • Easier access to important functionalities

For more details on our recent releases, check out our release notes here.

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