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New: Ship secure SAP ABAP code faster with ABAP training content

Practical and effective secure coding training for ABAP developers.

Today, we are excited to announce that SAP:ABAP training content is available in Secure Code Warrior! You can ensure that your ABAP development teams get the support they need to ship quality code faster, with less rework and fewer vulnerabilities through:

  • Self-paced training
  • Targeted learning pathways
  • Fun coding competitions
  • Secure coding competency assessments
  • Personalized reports of strengths and weaknesses in secure coding skills

ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is the primary language for 19,000+ enterprises to code their business apps on top of SAP platforms. In total, these enterprises generate up to 87% of total global commerce - amounting to 46 trillion USD. Therefore, securing ABAP is more important now than ever before.

At Secure Code Warrior, we strive to enable developers to secure every business-critical application, including those written in niche languages like ABAP and more common ones like Java.

If you are an existing customer, you can now access the content under Training, Courses, and Tournaments. Don’t hesitate to talk to your Customer Success Manager if you have any question 🙂 .

How Secure Code Warrior helps secure business-critical ABAP applications

Because ABAP is a niche language, it's rarely included in training platforms. Therefore when companies try to train their developers, they do so through overly expensive and inefficient programs, like one-off workshops.

With Secure Code Warrior, you get an ongoing and effective training solution.

Our training content is delivered in developers’ preferred format - code snippets and samples. So you can be confident that they will use and enjoy the content.

Plus, with the depth and breadth of our content and tiered learning system, ABAP developers get the continuous support they need to progressively advance their secure coding skills. This progressive learning experience ensures developers to form the muscle memory and practice what they learn in their projects.

The tiered learning approach

Learn to identify vulnerability and secure code patterns through coding challenges

Locate an Access Control vulnerability in an ABAP challenge

We know that developers work best in environments they are familiar with. That’s why we present our coding challenges in a code-editor-like interface.

Developers can navigate through files and code lines to locate, identify, and fix ABAP vulnerabilities in functioning codebases. During the training, developers learn to recognize vulnerable code patterns and the right fixes, which results in earlier detection of vulnerability and quicker remediation time.

ABAP is the newest addition to our language offers, the same benefits are available for all other 57 languages (and counting) that we cover on the platform.

I have seen vulnerability remediation happening as a direct result of rolling out Secure Code Warrior® training because my developers will say things like “I remember I learned ‘this’ in Secure Code Warrior® training, so I am creating a ticket to address the security concern here.”

Nicole Smith, Head of Security, Komodo Health

Become a security-savvy developer through immersive real-world simulations

A typical Mission interface

Once ABAP developers get familiar with basic secure coding practices. They can challenge themselves to be security champions by playing Missions.

Missions are our simulated playgrounds for developers to exploit a specific vulnerability. By witnessing how an exploit impacts a functioning app in real-time, they can practice offensive secure coding skills and take that back to protect their projects.

Try out ABAP coding challenges

With the latest content for ABAP, you can provide a progressive training program for developers easily and effectively.

Existing Secure Code Warrior customers can access the training content through Training, Courses, Tournament, and Assessment playmodes.

If your team has not onboarded our solution yet, why not try out our ABAP coding challenges today?

ABAP is one of many languages available

We provide training content for 57 other languages, including the most popular (Java and C++) and the rising stars (GO and Typescript). Check out our full list of supported languages and try out coding challenges in your chosen framework today.

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